lcy01-amd64-001 builds amd64 and i386 binaries and is owned by William Grant.

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20042681 [building] Building amd64 build of 6a544eed3a1edf138e9647748040d909-xenial snap package in ubuntu xenial-updates

Started 3 days, 6 hours, 28 minutes, 13.7 seconds ago.


M libs/coroutine
M libs/coroutine2
M libs/date_time
M libs/detail
M libs/dll
M libs/dynamic_bitset
M libs/endian
M libs/fiber
M libs/filesystem
M libs/foreach
M libs/format
M libs/function
M libs/function_types
M libs/functional
M libs/fusion
M libs/geometry
M libs/gil
M libs/graph
M libs/hana
M libs/icl
M libs/interprocess
M libs/intrusive
M libs/io
M libs/iostreams
M libs/iterator
M libs/lambda
M libs/lexical_cast
M libs/locale
M libs/lockfree
M libs/log
M libs/math
M libs/metaparse
M libs/move
M libs/mpi
M libs/mpl
M libs/msm
M libs/multi_array
M libs/multi_index
M libs/multiprecision
M libs/numeric/conversion
M libs/numeric/odeint
M libs/optional
M libs/parameter
M libs/phoenix
M libs/poly_collection
M libs/polygon
M libs/pool
M libs/predef
M libs/preprocessor
M libs/process
M libs/program_options
M libs/ptr_container
M libs/python
M libs/qvm
M libs/random
M libs/range
M libs/rational
M libs/regex
M libs/scope_exit
M libs/serialization
M libs/signals2
M libs/smart_ptr
M libs/sort
M libs/spirit
M libs/stacktrace
M libs/statechart
M libs/system
M libs/test
M libs/thread
M libs/timer
M libs/tokenizer
M libs/tti
M libs/tuple
M libs/type_erasure
M libs/type_index
M libs/type_traits
M libs/typeof
M libs/units
M libs/unordered
M libs/utility
M libs/uuid
M libs/variant
M libs/vmd
M libs/wave
M libs/winapi
M libs/xpressive
M tools/boostbook
M tools/boostdep
M tools/build
M tools/quickbook
Note: checking out '436ad1dfcfc7e0246141beddd11c8a4e9c10b146'.

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changes and commit them, and you can discard any commits you make in this
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do so (now or later) by using -b with the checkout command again. Example:

  git checkout -b <new-branch-name>

HEAD is now at 436ad1d... Revert accidental submodule changes in last commit
Preparing to pull libpq
Pulling libpq
Cloning into '/build/iroha/parts/libpq/src'...

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amd64 i386 (virtual)
William Grant
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