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bzr branch lp:buddypress

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1 Development 2018-02-21 02:42:25 UTC 2018-02-21
8991. Emails: Only add the 'List-Unsubscrib...

Author: r-a-y
Revision Date: 2018-02-21 02:42:25 UTC

Emails: Only add the 'List-Unsubscribe' header if we have a valid unsubscribe link.

Previously, we were adding a blank 'List-Unsubscribe' header for activation
and change of email address emails. This caused delivery issues for those
using Outlook.com as their email address. It appears that Outlook.com
requires a valid 'List-Unsubscribe' header in order for the email to be

This commit fixes this by only adding the 'List-Unsubscribe' header if we
have a valid email unsubscribe link.

Props jcrr.

See #7697 (trunk)

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