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You can browse the source code for the development focus branch or get a copy of the branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:apper

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Bazaar branches

Name Status Last Modified Last Commit
Series: trunk
1 Development 2019-03-21 22:11:08 UTC 2019-03-21
1161. Prevent crashing Apper on PackageMode...

Author: Alexander Kernozhitsky
Revision Date: 2019-03-21 22:11:08 UTC

Prevent crashing Apper on PackageModel::clearSelectedNotPresent()

m_checkedPackages.erase() is called, but the iterator is not increased, therefore on the next iteration we use an invalid iterator

BUG: 405433
BUG: 401461
BUG: 402170

Test Plan: I just rebuilt Apper, ran it and installed the updates with it. The bug does not appear.

Reviewers: dantti, apol

Reviewed By: dantti

Differential Revision:

lp:~ximion/apper/apper-debian 1 Development 2017-01-19 19:48:28 UTC 2017-01-19
148. Finalize changelog for 0.9.2+git20161...

Author: Matthias Klumpp
Revision Date: 2017-01-19 19:48:28 UTC

Finalize changelog for 0.9.2+git20161222-3

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