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master 2016-09-08 23:13:38 UTC 2016-09-08
Add new weechat profile from Tomasz Miąsko

Author: Tomasz Miąsko
Author Date: 2016-09-08 23:13:15 UTC

Add new weechat profile from Tomasz Miąsko

Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2016 12:20:14 +0200
From: Tomasz Miąsko <>
Subject: [apparmor] [PATCH] A new profile for weechat


I prepared a profile for weechat IRC client, you can find a patch attached.
Could you include it in apparmor-profiles?

Note-1: Tested on Debian.

Note-2: The permissions within .weechat directory are not exactly
fine-grained, mostly because I wanted to support the case when weechat is run
for the first time and creates all the directories and files within.


Acked-by: Seth Arnold <>

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