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Bazaar branches

Name Status Last Modified Last Commit
Series: 2.x
1 Development 2013-02-04 18:38:27 UTC
80. [r=james-w] Script for pre-merge test...

Author: Jonathan Lange
Revision Date: 2013-02-04 18:38:27 UTC

[r=james-w] Script for pre-merge tests in Jenkins and Tarmac

lp:~canonical-isd-hackers/apache-openid/deb-natty 1 Development 2011-06-30 14:34:37 UTC
1. Natty package branch

Author: Michael Hall
Revision Date: 2011-06-28 20:27:49 UTC

Natty package branch

lp:~canonical-isd-hackers/apache-openid/deb-lucid 1 Development 2011-06-29 16:51:33 UTC
8. Going back to the way it was in -r4 b...

Author: Matthew Nuzum
Revision Date: 2011-06-29 16:51:33 UTC

Going back to the way it was in -r4 before the fix for bug #747236, hoping this will build for lucid now.

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