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Series: trunk
bug 1 Development 2016-03-06 22:18:46 UTC
667. Repository closed (converted to Mercu...

Author: poy
Revision Date: 2016-03-06 22:18:46 UTC

Repository closed (converted to Mercurial). This repository is now obsolete.

lp:~maksis/adchpp/adchpp-hbri (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2014-05-01 19:21:23 UTC
665. Sync

Author: maksis
Revision Date: 2014-05-01 19:21:23 UTC


lp:~lanowen/adchpp/pyIadchpp 1 Development 2013-11-22 15:23:09 UTC
1. ADCH++ Python Interface launchpad fir...

Author: Andy Chmilenko
Revision Date: 2013-11-22 15:23:09 UTC

ADCH++ Python Interface launchpad first commit.

lp:~klondike/adchpp/adchpp bug(Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2013-09-28 16:04:39 UTC
664. merging with upstream

Author: Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (klondike)
Revision Date: 2013-09-28 16:04:39 UTC

merging with upstream

lp:~vcs-imports/adchpp/trunk 1 Development 2008-07-24 10:29:41 UTC
133. Edited the doxydoc mainpage comment (...

Author: pietricica
Revision Date: 2008-06-25 13:50:04 UTC

Edited the doxydoc mainpage comment ( regarding licensing)

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